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Fire Alarm Installation

Favara's AFDC is a commercial fire alarm installation company that provides automatic fire detection and communication designed to protect you and your property.  Proper fire alarm installation is an art and takes years of experience and training to master.  Favara's AFDC has over a decade of Fire Alarm planning, installation, and monitoring expertise.  Favara's AFDC orchestrates all aspects of the installation process to comply with the National and local Fire Code specifications and requirements. 

Why Choose Favara's AFDC for Fire Alarm Installation:

·         Competitive Prices

·         Parts Ordering and Management

·         Installation and service of Fire Alarm System

·         Training for your staff

·         Service and Maintenance

·         Warranty on Labor and Parts

Inspection and Testing    

Fire Alarm systems need regular inspecting and testing to ensure proper performance in the event of a fire.  State and local codes mandate how often fire alarm inspections are required as set forth in the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72).

Favara's AFDC provides a comprehensive testing and inspection service to make sure your fire alarm system is working properly at all times.  Our fire alarm inspection services are designed to test the various components of your fire alarm system to make sure they are all in proper working order.  This would include but is not limited to; testing manual pull stations, notification appliances including strobes, smoke and heat detectors, annunciator panels, the main fire alarm control panel and access communications equipment.  Our inspection and testing can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business fire alarm system, local code requirements or insurance recommendations.  


Seconds count when a fire strikes.  Research shows that prompt fire detection and reporting reduces the damage caused by fires by up to two-thirds.  Some fires can double in size in as little as fifteen seconds!  This is why monitoring counts and is essential to protecting you and your assets.  

Favara's AFDC can provide monitoring services to ensure that your fire control systems are being monitored at all times.  These services can be delivered through telephone lines or radio monitoring networks.


Favara's AFDC Consulting can:

  • Do your Fire Risk Assessment for you
    (very useful for doing your first Fire Risk Assessment, as we can look at the big picture objectively and give you a plan to build on yourself in future).
  • Train you or your staff to do your own Fire Risk Assessments
  • Plan, organize and report back on fire drills for you
  • Fire Safety Consultants can assess the fire safety of whole premises and make recommendations for action
  • Provide fire safety training
  • Create or revise your Emergency Plan of Fire Safety Policy documents
  • Prepare CAD drawings to illustrate escape routes, location of call points and fire extinguishers, plans of the fire alarm system, etc. These can all be useful in staff handbooks, emergency plans, Health and Safety Policies, etc.
  • Fire Consultants can even meet the Fire Authority on your behalf, representing your organization at inspections, etc.
  • Help with planning new buildings or expansion/redesign of existing ones
  • Carry out general health and safety risk assessments
  • Specification and Design for fire alarms systems, emergency lighting, etc

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